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PLANNING, MANUCATURE, INSTALLATION AND ASSISTANCE… a complete service for the realization of your slaughtering plant.
Thanks to our experience and professional preparation that we can boast we are able to supply a complete service starting from the planning with technical on-the spot investigations and our internal technical office is able to develop and translate all several needs of the customer always respecting the sanitary standards.
From the planning phase, we can go to the manufacture phase with construction and preassembling of equipment in our factory and then installed by our specialized engineers.
All the realized equipment are subjected to controls and checking giving always, importance to quality and security of used materials.
The phase of installation and assistance is made by ourselves and by our specialized technicians such as the starting up and personnel training, creating in this way a relationship based on trust and cooperation.
Tecnoalimenta designs and manufactures both bench and vertical deboning lines suitable for lots or single head and the traceability is fully granted.
The cleaning and sanitation of the working place is ensured by innovative solutions for the fast and effective sanitation of lines. The laboratory will be equipped with guide rails, fixed and rotary tables, electric saws, tools, containers, etc.. All equipment should be made in stainless steel or plastic ideal for food use, avoiding as much as possible to the wood, which has been shown to be a source of bacterial cultures. The room should be equipped with washing nozzles, as well as sterilizer sinks for disinfection of tools. All measures described above are not effective if you do not pay particular attention to the care of health of working persons.

The construction of a modern slaughterhouse must be set on some basic principles that have become real basis in the field of slaughter, as a consequent adjustment of the most modern and advanced techniques in the field.
It is clear that the first requirement is the perfect hygiene and the sanitary control, in order to give the consumer confidence in the product obtained.
No less important is the complete functionality of the mechanical equipment which must be based on the economy of installation, management and operation.
These are the basic requirements that, thanks to the experience of our technical staff, we use as a starting point for the design, the realization of our facilities or for the construction in our workshop of machines or components ideal to improve the work inside slaughterhouses already existing.
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