Water depuration plant

Tecnoalimenta srl designs and manufactures plants and systems for the treatment and depuration of wastewater for food sector and especially we are specialized on wastewater from slaughterhouses.
Tecnoalimenta can boast a long-standing experience of more than 40 years in the depuration of outgoing water from slaughterhouses, meat factories, meat processing companies, dairies, canning industries, vegetables and fruit processing company and many others.

These plants are made above all by following phases:

The self-cleaning filter is “the number one” in the separation of solid materials from wastewater of civil and industrial plants. This can really be used in several applications in many sectors such as civil, utility and industrial.
The machine permits to reach high-level filtration (up to 0.25 mm), great hydraulic flows (2000 cubic meters per hour), compact size joined to high operation performance.

The balancing and accumulation basin has the function to equalize the arriving liquid to depurate and also to power with homogenous and constant flow in the 24 h and in the whole week the following phases of biologic depuration.

The mechanical flotation is the chemical – physical treatment more used and popular in the sector of wastewater depuration above all water of food industries. The continuous improvement of saturation method with DAF SYSTEM (dissolved air flotation) together with improvement of inside hydraulic, has permitted to reach high depuration levels with a reduction of consumption of chemical reagents (coagulants and flocculants).

The aeration phase is the core of the plant. The bacteria that naturally form in this basin use the polluting organic material as food and use the oxygen to their metabolism.
The oxygen is transferred in the water with proper equipment (air insufflation with diffusers, turbines etc.).

In the sedimentation phase, the mixture liquid and sludge becomes lighter and the depurated water reaches the surface and on the bottom remain the bacterial colonies technically called “biologic sludge” and these are continuous recycled.

The biologic sludge that naturally form in the biologic depuration project is sent to the proper basin of aerobic digestion of sludge.
This biologic sludge is thickened and fully mineralized and can be used in the fertilization of soils.
In medium and big size plants in order to reduce the dry substance from 4% to 22%, this sludge is sent to sludge treatment through centrifugation system.

Monoblock plants for the treatment of biologic wastewater of small and medium food industry and sewage water of small residential areas. This is a compact plant, easy to install and of simply maintenance and above all this is very cheap in manage and operation. This type of plant permits to reach high levels of reduction of organic pollution (more than 90%).

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